Sussman Shank LLP, a Portland-based law firm that provides high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, is honored to be named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon” by Oregon Business magazine.

This marks the 16th year that Oregon Business has recognized Sussman Shank as one of the best places to work in the state. This year, the firm ranked #20 and was one of just four law firms included on the magazine’s list of medium-sized companies.

The rankings are based on six factors that heavily influence workplace satisfaction: work environment, management and communications, decision-making and trust, and career development.  Nearly 10,000 employees from a variety of companies across Oregon participated in the 2022 survey.

“We are incredibly proud to have made the list yet again,” says Steve Seguin, COO. “But credit for this achievement really belongs to our greatest asset our employees. More than anything, their dedication, commitment, and camaraderie are what makes Sussman Shank a truly great place to work.”

So what makes Sussman Shank such an incredible place to work? Here’s just a sample of what our team members had to say:

  • “The people, hands down.  Working with great people makes every day easier.  Additionally, the focus on employees and their needs is a priority, and much appreciated, especially during the past year and a half.  Sussman has tried to keep us all united while supporting its employees during the weirdest time of our lives.  The benefits and paid time off are pretty great too.  I am really grateful to be working here.”
  • “Support during COVID-related work-from-home hurdles; good people; a lot of empathy from management; sincere efforts to promote diversity in hiring and workplace inclusion.”
  • “The ongoing efforts to be sustainable.”
  • “Colleagues are supportive and great to work with, and the support of work-life balance.”

To mark this achievement and recognize the invaluable contributions every employee has made to the success of Sussman Shank, the firm is launching a new social media campaign.  Scheduled to run during the entire month of March, #thepeopleofsussmanshank will introduce many members of this incredible team to Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

To learn more, please visit  To get to know our fantastic team members during the month of March, follow Sussman Shank on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedln.

About Sussman Shank LLP

Founded in 1960, Sussman Shank is a full-service business, litigation, and commercial bankruptcy law firm with 30 lawyers. Our clients include public and private companies, government entities, institutions, non-profit organizations, and individuals. While our office is located in Portland, Oregon, we continue to serve as counsel to a diverse range of clients and industries all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond.