Diversity Statement

Sussman Shank is dedicated to a philosophy and environment that embraces cultural differences, promotes equity and equality, and engenders mutual respect; thereby creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel, pursue their goals and aspirations, and is reflective of our clients’ diversity and the state of Oregon. Our commitment goes beyond internal initiatives; we support inclusion, equity and diversity in the legal profession and in the community in general.

Sussman Shank strives to develop a culture that authentically brings the perspectives and contributions of all people to the table, equitably distributes power, and incorporates their needs, assets and perspectives into the design and implementation of processes, policies, activities, and decision-making.

Sussman Shank LLP Diversity Committee

Our Diversity Committee is a dedicated group of attorneys and staff members committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our firm, the legal profession, and the community.  Our firm recognizes that diversity is not only a moral imperative but also a critical business imperative.  Diverse teams are more innovative, more effective at problem-solving, and better equipped to meet the needs of our clients in an increasingly global and diverse world.

Our Diversity Committee works closely with our firm’s leadership to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integrated into our firm’s operations. This includes our recruiting efforts to hire diverse candidates, developing programs, events, and education to support the growth and advancement of our diverse attorneys and staff.  We strive to create a culture of respect and inclusivity that values the unique perspectives and experiences of all our team members.

Ongoing DEI Goals, Initiatives, and Action

  • Workplace training, education, awareness, facilitation, and discussions
  • Event organization, participation, engagement, and involvement
  • Client, vendor, and community and organization partnerships that promote DEI
  • Recruiting and retaining efforts, prioritization, and visibility
  • DEI Committee to drive ongoing DEI initiatives and ensure accountability and progress