Sussman Shank LLP grieves the loss of the eight victims of the March 16, 2021 shootings that took place in several spas in Atlanta, Georgia. These murders were senseless and callous crimes afflicted on innocent civilians of the business community. Yet these murders were also part of a broader, disgraceful history of anti-Asian and anti-Pacific Islander violence and harassment. Throughout our nation’s history, members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community have been the targets of racism and oppression. In particular, AAPI women have been subject to virulent misogyny in various form. This discrimination has only increased over the past year, as reports of anti-AAPI crime and harassment have affected members of the community in Oregon and throughout our nation.

We at Sussman Shank LLP unequivocally condemn and denounce anti-AAPI violence and bias in all its forms, including those based on white supremacy, bigotry, and misogyny. We stand in solidarity with our fellow AAPI community members. As part of our continued efforts to support the broader racial justice movement from last summer’s protests, we pledge to support the AAPI community, as well as communities of color, in the broader fight for racial justice.