Sussman Shank LLP is excited to welcome the lawyers and paralegals from the bankruptcy boutique Vanden Bos & Chapman, who joined our firm, effective January 1, 2024.  This strategic collaboration and expansion mark a major milestone in Sussman Shank’s ongoing commitment to delivering high quality legal services within the specialized area of Business Restructuring and Bankruptcy law. 

The newly-welcomed team brings a wealth of experience, depth, and a proven track record for handling a diverse range of cases, from consumer and small business bankruptcies (Chapter 7 and 13), bankruptcies for family farmers and fisherman (Chapter 12), as well as complex business restructuring matters (Chapter 11). They also specialize in creditor representation across all chapters.

Additionally, the joining lawyers possess the skills, insights, and reputation that will complement Sussman Shank’s long-established Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights practice.  Together, we will continue to offer a dynamic, effective, and comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs of our clients who are navigating complex legal and business challenges. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the respected Vanden Bos & Chapman team to our firm” says Tom Stilley, Sussman Shank’s managing partner. “I have known and worked with all of the lawyers at Vanden Bos & Chapman for many years and have always admired and respected their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. The additional depth, experience, and resources they bring will undoubtedly enhance our firm’s capabilities and benefit our valued clients.”

Ann Chapman, senior partner joining our firm from Vanden Bos & Chapman, says “We are grateful to have this opportunity to join forces with Sussman Shank, and look forward to collaborating with our new colleagues as we continue to provide the highest level of expertise and service to our clients.”

The new lawyer and paralegal additions to our firm include: 

Ann K. Chapman

Special Counsel

503.972.9599 ext. 163

Christopher N. Coyle


503.972.9593 ext. 158

Douglas R. Ricks


503.972.9592 ext. 157

Colleen Lowry


503.972.9594 ext. 159

Jenna Jo Hickman


503.972.9598 ext. 162

Jennifer Houck


503.972.9595 ext. 160

Amy Sinclair


503.972.9596 ext. 161

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