We are excited to announce another Sussman Shank LLP client spotlight—Larry & Co

Founded in 2015 by Larry Packouz, Larry & Co. is a startup Jewelry Boutique and design studio located in downtown Portland. 

Larry’s grandfather Nathan began Packouz Jewelers in 1917 in downtown Portland after learning about the jewelry industry in Los Angeles.  The store became a local landmark under his tutelage. Subsequently, Larry’s father took over the business and brought Larry into the business with him.  When Larry’s father retired, Larry bought the store at only 25 years old.  He ran the store for 44 years until deciding to sell it to his then manager.

After the sale of Packouz Jewelers, Larry had plenty of energy and no desire to retire.  He opened up Larry & Co. with the business foundation of a strong reputation and client loyalty.  While the studio is a new adventure for Larry Packouz, it is obviously not his first venture into the jewelry world!

Sussman Shank Partner, Barry Caplan, has represented Larry in both entities for most of his career.  This includes general business and corporate maintenance work, and ultimately documentation of the sale of the initial business and related agreements.  Barry and members of the Sussman Shank business team also assisted Larry & Co. with a variety of startup work before opening the new studio.  This included organizational documents, employment contracts, lease reviews, general business and legal advice as the new business took off.

“Larry is a dedicated business owner and one of the most exceptional people I know.  His reputation in the jewelry industry, not only in Portland, but throughout the country, is recognized as one of knowledge, character and integrity,” says Barry.

About Larry & Co.

Larry Packouz works in company with Jennifer Duke, a key sales associate and Kevin Lindsey, a custom jewelry designer and craftsman. Both Jenifer and Kevin are longtime associates and experts in the industry.

Larry & Co. is located in the 1000 SW Broadway Building across from the Heathman Hotel.  This location provides guests with a private way to acquire valuable jewelry in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  The studio displays an array of inventory and specializes in custom-designed jewelry and unique pieces. 

We at Sussman Shank are honored by our long time client partnership with Larry & Co., and we look forward to continuing to support their future legal needs and success.