Our clients, our priority.

Throughout the firm’s history, we’ve been fortunate to represent clients who exemplify success in their sectors of the business community, both here in Portland, Oregon, and in many other locations.  They include individuals, private and public entities, for profit and not-for-profit enterprises, entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, larger corporations with international reach, and businesses with a local or regional focus.

The backgrounds, business objectives, successes, and future goals of our clients are varied.  One common thread is that they have all chosen Sussman Shank LLP to represent their interests and help drive their success.  We value that trust and those relationships, and are pleased to turn the spotlight on a small sampling of our many successful clients.

Client Spotlight: Chris Guinn III and Dwell Realty / Dwell PM

We are thrilled to announce another Sussman Shank LLP client spotlight: Chris Guinn III, and the real estate company that he Co-founded, Dwell Realty.

An Entrepreneur with Strong Community Roots

Chris has been an entrepreneur for years. His first career was a hair stylist, and Chris went on to own his own hair salon in NE Portland.  It was during this time of operating and owning his salon that he was able to develop the fundamental skills of running a business.  Everything from people management and office management to effective task delegation, business relationships, and client service.

In the late 90s, Chris decided to switch careers and became a real estate agent.  He gained industry experience and training working at other agencies before he began working with Dwell Co-founder Tracey Hicks in 2005.  The two of them began finding a lot of success in Portland’s housing market and together, they decided to open Dwell Realty in 2009.  In the midst of the Great Recession, Chris and Tracey forged a business plan and held fast to the philosophy that if they built a truly great company, the clients would come.  Chris and Tracey’s goal was to make Dwell a fixture of their community.

“I love what I do, and to be able to create time to spend with family and friends is what it’s all about.”

– Chris Guinn III

Chris’ community connections go deeper than just his business.  Chris has lived and worked his entire life in Northeast Portland.  Since the late 1990s, Chris has helped many African Americans sell & buy properties in metropolitan Portland.  Community members can also speak to Chris’ strong service roots and connections to go along with his business success.  Chris has a long and consistent history of giving back, volunteering and serving in the leadership of many worthwhile organizations that serve Portland’s African American community – including Kairos PDX, Ascent Funding (now part of Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon), Black Parent Initiative, and the Boys & Girls Club of Portland.

The Difference is Versatility

Chris values versatility and believes that is what sets Dwell apart.  Over the years Dwell has diversified what they do, developing into a full-service shop of real estate professionals.  Although Chris started as a real estate broker focused on home sales, the fastest growing part of Dwell is their property management services.  With all forms of real estate under one roof, it is more attractive to the high-quality agents and also appealing to clients who may have more than just a one-time need.

Our Connection

Sussman Shank LLP has assisted Dwell with a variety of its real estate and business issues.  This includes helping Dwell’s tenant and landlord clients with leasing issues, and helping with general business and legal services, including corporate maintenance, and business disputes.

About Dwell Realty

Dwell Realty is an independent, experienced, and hip Real Estate office located in Vanport Square on NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. in Portland.  They do it all.  Whether you are buying, selling or renting residential or commercial property in Oregon or Washington, Dwell Realty’s local expertise and experience will guide you in your real estate journey.  Currently operating in its 12th year, Dwell Realty has the distinction of being the largest black-owned realty company in Oregon’s history (https://mercatuspdx.com/dwell-realty/).

Visit Dwell Realty at: https://dwellrealtypdx.com/