Angie is a seasoned professional in the field of litigation, specializing in providing invaluable support to the railroad team in cases spanning Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. With over 12 years of dedicated experience, Angie’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of legal matters within the railroad industry, as well as civil and commercial litigation.

In her role as a paralegal, Angie oversees the entire litigation process. She has a profound understanding of civil procedure, discovery, and legal research. She is responsible for organizing and reviewing critical documents. She excels in coordinating with clients and witnesses, ensuring evidence collection, and preparation for depositions and trial proceedings. Additionally, Angie manages the calendar process, guaranteeing the timely progression of cases.

With a wealth of experience and a proactive approach, Angie is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in legal support and consistently deliver positive outcomes for the firm and its clients.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to every aspect of my work. My commitment to detail and adherence to legal procedures allows me to navigate legal cases with accuracy and precision. I adapt to the evolving legal landscape to effectively respond to the demands of each case.

I work across diverse cultures, fostering effective communication with individuals from various backgrounds. I connect seamlessly with clients, opposing counsel, court personnel, and other non-legal professionals.

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association for Legal Support Professionals
  • Oregon Paralegal Association


My interests extend beyond the confines of routine, allowing room for creativity, family bonding, and a love for exploration.

In my leisure time, I find joy and fulfillment in creating a diverse array of crafts, including floral arrangements. A special passion of mine is restoring discarded furniture and bringing new life into them.

I cherish moments with my family, exploring nature and various parts of the country to appreciate diverse cultures and landscapes.

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