Angie works in the litigation department supporting the railroad team with cases filed in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

As a litigation paralegal, Angie assists in managing all aspects of the litigation process. She has over 12 years of experience providing essential support to attorneys in a variety of legal matters related to the railroad industry and other civil and commercial litigation cases.

Her experience includes a strong understanding of civil procedure, discovery, and legal research. She helps coordinate with clients and witnesses to gather evidence and prepare for depositions and trial. This includes collecting, managing, and organizing documents; docketing and calendaring key litigation dates; and setting up depositions and other meetings. Additionally, she assists with managing the entire discovery process, including document review and production, and ensure that deadlines are met.

My interest in the law started from a very young age and has provided me the motivation to pursue a career doing something I love. Because of my long-standing interest in the law, I strive to stay current on legal issues to provide detail-oriented research and document preparation in multiple jurisdictions. My well-rounded skills include, my proven ability to think quickly and efficiently to meet all challenges head-on, resolve complex problems, adapt to changing priorities, provide accurate and precise work product for my clients. I also work effectively across diverse cultures and communicate with people from various backgrounds effectively.

I believe in teamwork, as it is a joint effort to provide our clients with the best results.  I personally enjoy collaborating with clients, opposing counsel, court personnel and other non-legal professionals. My focus is on effective communication to ensure all parties involved in the case are kept informed and up-to-date on the status of the litigation, while maintaining privacy for all parties involved.

Working with me allows attorneys to focus on legal strategy, analysis and argument, and the big picture of the case. This gives our team a competitive advantage in litigation.

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association for Legal Support Professionals
  • Oregon Paralegal Association


My pastimes include a wide variety of crafts, from building small furniture to floral arrangements and many others in between. I particularly like to take old furniture, that many people would discard, clean it up and give it a new life/purpose. I also enjoy glamping with my family and traveling to many parts of the country and beyond.

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